Tuesday, February 03, 2004

To all prospective students

Please join the yahoo group we have setup for prospective students. (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PGSMInfo)

There is a open house on 22nd Feb at IIM B campus. You need to send a mail to pgsmadmissions@iimb.ernet.in to register. Dont forget to visit our website for more details.

All the best

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Knowledge@Wharton Newsletter

I am an old subscriber to Knowledge@Wharton newsletter and find its articles good. Here is what came in today for this months newsletter ..

Special Section
China: Enter the Dragon

As China continues to make progress towards a market economy, businesses around the world are ramping up their efforts to tap into the country's huge marketplace of 1.3 billion consumers. Despite concerns over such issues as intellectual property protection, corruption, the banking system and overregulation, executives from a number of U.S. companies are pushing ahead to invest in the Chinese economy through alliances, joint ventures, the venture capital market and other initiatives. Our special section includes seven articles on these themes.


What’s Hot
Ways to Slam Spam

Bill Gates calls it a plague and his company is suing to stop it. Ferris Research says it collectively costs businesses $10 billion a year. Wharton legal studies professor Dan Hunter labels it a cancer on the Internet. Whatever you call spam, it’s everywhere and it’s spreading fast. Estimates of the amount of spam – a colloquial term for unsolicited commercial e-mail – vary but they range from 50% to 80% of all messages zipping across the Internet. The question is, how can it be stopped?


Leadership and Change

Another Reorganization? What to Expect, What to Avoid

It’s a familiar scenario: A company brings in a new department head who immediately decides that the way to show leadership is to reorganize. Then a new division head comes on board, or a new CEO, and there are more reorganizations, sometimes several in one month. Yet according to Wharton management professor Peter Cappelli, frequent reorganizations “are like doctors treating patients with antibiotics.” The medication might work short-term, but “long-term it can be harmful.” Knowledge@Wharton looks at why some reorganizations succeed and others fail.


Online Music Wings its Way to the Celestial Jukebox

Music companies want college students and other Internet users to pay to download music instead of swapping it for free. But that is hardly easy, for a simple reason: If music is available for nothing, why pay? The music industry has tried various options to limit piracy, with mixed success. Experts at Wharton and elsewhere say that new models are now emerging that could help reconcile the industry’s interests with those of listeners.


Finance and Investment

Ducking Foreign Taxes: How Much Can U.S. Investors Really Save?

Individual investors are often advised to keep 10-20% of their portfolios in foreign stocks, and these days that’s easy to do with a slew of mutual funds. But there’s a problem most investors don’t notice: Many countries require stock issuers to withhold taxes on dividends paid to Americans and other foreign shareholders. This can have important consequences for non-taxable accounts, particularly retirement savings. Wharton finance professors David Musto and Christopher Geczy, along with two other colleagues, examine the situation in a new paper titled, “The Limits to Dividend Arbitrage: Implications for Cross-Border Investment.”


Managing Technology

In Search of Serendipity: Bridging the Gap That Separates Technologies and New Markets

It took 37 years before Kevlar – a bullet-proof, fire-resistant material first used for tires – was applied to making home shelters strong enough to resist tornadoes. It took decades before advances in reinforced fiberglass technology used for the Apollo space project were applied to tennis rackets. In retrospect, these crossover applications of technology may seem inevitable – but they are not, suggest two Wharton researchers and a third colleague who have developed a patented process to help companies analyze databases of information about technologies and suggest new markets where they might be commercialized.


Leadership and Change
IBM and its Legendary Founder: Flawed Genius

According to a story told by management guru Peter Drucker, when the Japanese looked to America for businesses to emulate as they sought to rebuild their economy after World War II, the choice was obvious: IBM, the most successful company in the world. Kevin Maney provides us with this and many other fascinating anecdotes and insights in “The Maverick and His Machine: Thomas Watson, Sr. and the Making of IBM.” Maney’s account of the man who created IBM and shaped its famous culture is extraordinarily well-researched and balanced. Maney brings Watson to life, blemishes and all.




Reminder for upcoming deadlines and exams

05-July , 17:00 Hrs IST : Project Proposal due for Management Accounting
12 July : Project Proposal due for Strategic Management
12 July , 10:00 Hrs IST : First Class Test for Management Accounting

Disclaimer: Please consult with the course material/professors for these deadlines. They are the final binding authority.

Chat forum

Looks like yesterdays discussion didnt happen due to less people joining in :( .
I was on a customer site in crucial meetings, which usually extend , especially on the last day.. Hence couldnt attend the chat...

To all those who have formed local groups for case study discussions , happy arguments :).
Thank you

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Upcoming Chat

I am proposing a chat today evening at the chat forum over here.

Topic : Strategic Management : Hi Tech Antennas Case
Time : 18:30 Hrs IST.

Hope to see you folks around. If there are issues with todays chat, drop in a line at e-group.

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You will soon start realize some of the benefits of this blog, as you start using them. A number of MBA students and professors write and use blog. An excellent directory for such sites is http://mbaleague.blogspot.com.
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